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---OOC Information---
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Real life name: I forget

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Nerissa Satu Peltonen

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Meaning of Name: Nerissa is a Greek name that means "Sea Sprite".

Nickname: Rissa
A shortened version of her name, Nerissa prefers to be called "Rissa". It is what she is most known as and it is also her "stage name".

Sex: Female

Birthday: August 20, 1906
Real Age: 106
Apparent Age: 22-24 years old.

Birthplace: Helsinki, Finland

Current Residence: Rissa is part-owner of a large house in her hometown of Helsinki. She also has a small apartment in London, England, as she is very fond of the city and thinks of it as her second home. She spends most of her time in the apartment in London, not really being a fan of Helsinki's colder climate.

Lives With: When in Helsinki, Nerissa lives with her band-mates, who are also mythicals.
Kaden -- Sominium -- Guitar
Rebecca -- Nephilim -- Bass
Holden - Solistriaea -- Drums
David -- Drow -- Keyboard

The five musicians are very close friends, having been together for a long time, however, Rissa finds living with them can come with annoyances. She is the type of person who cannot live comfortably without her privacy, which gives her another reason to staying in her London apartment by herself.

Occupation: Nerissa's with the band.
In fact, she's the lead singer of word-famous symphonic metal band, Wanderlust. The band was founded in 1998 when Nerissa and Kaden, who had been very close friends in university, came across Isadora, Spain. It was there that the pair met Rebecca and Holden, who were members of a mortal band at the time as a means of making a little extra cash. Kaden hatched the idea to start a band after just one meeting with the Solistriaea and Nephilim, who were found to be exceptionally talented. Nerissa made a few calls to a few good friends from the university she attended and found herself a keyboardist in Alabaster's own Ariane Rossetta-Black. However, she was only with the band for the release of their first album, but quit shortly before the beginning of Wanderlust's first world-tour. She was replaced by Drow David Peterson.

The band has put out five albums since and has risen to the very top of the metal charts all over the world. They are most known for their unusual appearances, due to the fact that they ARE mythicals: Kaden's runes are thought to be intricate, unique tattoos, Rebecca's wings are suspected to be props, Holden's seasonal change in appearance is overlooked, and David's blue-ish skin and pointed ears have started something of a trend among mortals. Nerissa is considered the most human looking out of the bunch, however she makes up for this through flashy stage costumes and bold makeup.

Currently, they are on a break in between touring and getting ready to produce a new album. Rebecca and Kaden are back in Helsinki, while Holden is vacationing in Isadora and David is working on a different musical project in Germany.

Past Occupations: Student, waitress, back-up vocalist for several other "mortal" bands.

Species: Black Siren -- however, Rissa is considered very "mild" in her mannerisms. She doesn't have as strong sadistic side like most black sirens have, though internally she does like watching people she doesn't care for suffer. She is audiokenetic because of her species, which contributes greatly to her musical career.

Physical Appearance

~ The Superstar: Nerissa Peltonen ~ 6085d810

General Description/Facial Features: Nerissa is an average looking girl with a long, oval shaped face and stronger, less-feminine features. She is attractive in her own way, though her natural appearance isn't very stand-out. She has a rather small, pink-lipped mouth, which is almost an oxymoron for the music that comes from them. Her eyes are large and nearly doe-like in their shape and are topped with thin, arched brows that are carefully maintained. Her long, slender nose suits the rest of her face and does not attract any unwanted attention. Rissa is known to play up her appearance with flamboyant makeup techniques and accessories,and isn't afraid to make a statement.

Height & Body Type: 5' 5'', average height. She is slender.

Eyes: Hazel, though they appear more grey-green than brown.

Skin Tone: Light olive. She tans very easily.

Scars: Few, insignificant.

~ The Superstar: Nerissa Peltonen ~ 24497_10

Type of Dresser & Style: Nerissa is VERY well known for her fashion sense and personal style. Because of her human appearance, she doesn't fit in very much with the other members of her band. She makes up for this by wearing flashy, crazy outfits and eccentric makeup. When she isn't on stage, she can usually be seen walking around in jeans and colorful tops with wild prints, usually with a more neutral cardigan or her favorite cropped, leather jacket to avoid looking TOO busy. Rissa sometimes makes her own clothing, though finds it to be too much work to make it into a hobby of hers. She does, however, make a lot of her own jewelry for fun. She has a fascination with earrings and keeps a collection of unique pairs she's picked up on her travels (her favorite being a pair that feature brightly colored feathers from exotic birds).

Hair Color & Style: Naturally, Rissa has chestnut brown hair that it a little bit past the center of her back, length-wise. She bleaches the ends of it, however, and dyes them accordingly. A big fan of cooler colors, Rissa's ends are currently a blue-green shade, though have begun to fade.

Tattoos/Piercings: Three piercings in both earlobes, her cartilidge is pierced in her left ear. She also has her tongue pierced.

Internal Workings

Disabilities: Rissa was involved in a bad auto accident in 1975 which resulted in some bad damage to her right hand. A shard of glass from the windshield impaled a muscle in her palm, which severely damaged the dexterity of her index and middle fingers. She is unable to play certain instruments she would like to try out because of this and also finds that her hand aches when she is upset over something.

Mental State: Sane, however, she has slightly sadistic tendencies.

Talents: A very talented mezzo-soprano singer. Rissa is a classically trained vocalist, however, since joining Wanderlust, she has given in to some more contemporary styles of singing. Her dramatic, operatic style is considered haunting on its own, though when combined with the heavier sounds of the rest of her band, she sounds otherworldly. Apart from using her talent in Wanderlust, Rissa has been featured in three different operas, including playing the role of Rosina in Rossini's The Barber of Seville. Rissa would have continued taking roles in operas if she had been offered them, but her appearance was not striking enough for her to be cast in Prima Donna roles.

A little known fact about Rissa is that she also plays the auto-harp and is also quite talented with that.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Singing, Song Writing, anything music related.

Interests: Music theory, history, sociology.

Self-Image: Rissa has a slightly inflated ego, which comes with her fame. She is by no means a princess, but there are moments where she views herself as better than others. She is not easily but into place in situations where this reigns true, however, if she gets to know the other person more, she may slowly ease off her high-horse.

Weakness & Fear: Rissa has an unusual fear of those who are physically ill. Not germs, but those who have contracted them. She isn't afraid of getting sick herself, but seeing others as such. When someone she spends a lot of time with displays illness, Rissa finds herself incredibly anxious, to the point where she gets migraines.

Special Abilities/Powers: Audiokenetic.

Popular or Loner: Popular. Rissa is a people person. She gets lonely easily and is most comfortable when surrounded by friends.

Overall Personality: Nerissa's personality is one that fits her occupation as a singer. She is an outgoing young woman with a love of showing off and spending time around other people. She has the type of personality where people either love her or hate her, with no in-between. Many find themselves intimidated by her forwardness in conversation and how she isn't afraid to walk right up to a complete stranger and ask for a name. On the flip side, some find this charming and charismatic. It really depends on the type of person she is socializing with. Rissa has a very stubborn streak to her and, when she wants something or begins to think a certain way, it takes a LOT to change her mind, which can be quite infuriating. She tries not to judge those she encounters but often finds she cannot help herself in doing so.

Rissa is both a scholar and a musician at heart. She is a very curious individual who will go out of her way to find out why something is the way it is and how it works. She claims she can spend days scouring a library for things she does not yet know of and will also get her hands dirty if it means figuring something out something she did not know before.

She's a bit of a "bad girl" and a wild child who believes that fun has no limits -- legal or illegal.

Best Personality Trait: Her passion and loyalty for what she takes interest in.

Worst Personality Trait: Her inability to understand sarcasm -- it leads to a LOT of miscomunication and confusion in her life.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Secretly a hopeless romantic. Nerissa is in love with the idea of love, but isn't much of a flirt herself. She will never admit the amount of joy a good romance novel or seeing a happy couple brings her, but will look on, smiling from afar. She does not feel she is ready for a serious relationship due to her commitment to Wanderlust, but once her time with the band comes to a close, she feels she might try settling down with someone she cares about.

Relationship History: No serious boyfriends, but she has had a few casual relationships.

General Likes: Food (She is often told she eats like a man, but that doesn't seem to bother her) // Music of all kinds -- from classical to death-core // Body Modification on other people (She's too chicken to get anything extreme done) // Eccentric Accessories and Fashion // Color // Cars // Vintage Clothing -- Especially 1950s style // Preforming // Being on Stage // Makeup // Feather Hair Extensions // Late Nights Out // Cake // Dancing as a means of exercise // Urban Lifestyle // Norse Mythology // Flavored Lip Gloss

General Dislikes: Routine // Long, Dry Books // Dogs // Beer // Sick People // Nature // Dressing Up // Rural Lifestyle // Paper Cuts // Not Being Able to Experiment with New Instruments Due to Her Injury // Quiet or Shy People // Sarcastic Humor // Motorcycles (They make her nervous) // Salad (She doesn't consider it food) // Coffee // Migraines

Usually Equipped With: Her canvas messenger bag, which is decorated with different buttons. Inside, a notebook, water-bottle. pens, pencils, and nail polish can usually bee found.


Mother: Helene Paltonen

Mother's role in upbringing: A typical housewife at the time, except for her status as a mythical, Helene was a very patient mother. She was careful in how she brought up her children, making sure they were as healthy as possible. This is perhaps where Nerissa earns her fear of the sick, as her mother constantly enforced visits to the local physician if one of her children even so much as sneezed. Nerissa was neither close or distant in terms of her relationship with her mother, and still talks to her now, on the occasion.

Father: Ewo Paltonen

Father's role in upbringing: A man who believed education was key, Ewo ensured that ALL of his six children received schooling. He found himself very busy with this work as a business man and often had to travel from the family's decent sized home in Helsinki in order to keep food on the table. He spent what time he could with his children, but also was secretly very involved with mythical living and, as a present to each of his children on their 18th birthday, allowed them to visit one of the five mythical communities for a brief period of time so that they had the choice of whether or not they wanted to live among mortals, or of their own kind. However, Ewo did his best to try and sway them into opting for mortal-like life.

Family Finances: On the richer side of middle class.

Birth Order & Siblings: Youngest of six.
Brother - Tuomas - Older than her by 10 years.
Brother - Marco - Older than her by 9 years.
Sister - Annette - Older than her by 6 years.
Brother - Jukka - Older than her by 5 years.
Brother - Emppu - Older than her by 2 years.

(OOC Note: Figure out the relation between the names of her siblings and I will love you five-ever)

Relationships with Siblings: Moderately close to her older brothers, but always looked up to her sister Annette as a role-model. From the time she was a little girl, she found herself trying to be just like her sister and got caught trying to walk around in her high heels as a little kid on more than one occasion.

Education: Degree in music theory

Ethnic Heritage: Finnish

Accent: Finnish


Birth & Childhood

Nerissa entered the world as the youngest of six children in Helsinki, Finland, in the year 1906. She was born to two well-established Black Sirens, whose own parents were infamously violent for their species. The Peltonen family had always been closely associated with its mythical roots in a mortal world, but upon the violent outbreaks that occurred between Ewo's parents and a clan of white sirens, Helene and her husband decided it best to separate from what was considered the "standard" of black siren lifestyle. The couple moved them and their newborn son, Tuomas, out of the small, black siren filled village in the north of Finland and down to urban Helsinki, where the rest of the family was born.

Nerissa's childhood was a fairly happy one, where she, being the baby of six, was a little spoiled by both her parents and her siblings. She attended mortal school, just as her brothers and sister had before her, until she came into her powers when she was eleven. At that point she was forced to leave school in order to better develop her powers in a safe environment. She was home-taught by her mother during this period. The outbreak of World War I caused much stir among the family, especially when Ewo's darker side was revealed in his longing to get involved with the war's violence. This brought about a relapse in his swearing off of the rest of his family's violent ways, though he never revealed this to his children or to his wife, and chose to keep a distance from them.

Adolescence and Musical Discovery

At the age of 13, just when Rissa began to REALLY grasp control over her Audiokenesis her talent as a singer was discovered. While all of her siblings had been gifted in their own ways in terms of sound, Nerissa stood out -- she had more control over her voice from the start and had a certain sound to her that was quite unlike anything her parents had heard before. Without any hesitation at all, she was enrolled in a private, high-school like establishment in Helsinki so that she could be trained as a singer in a traditional way while still receiving a form of education. The school helped Nerissa realize her full potential, but also introduced her to a side of the world she had never seen before. One of Nerissa's teachers at the time happened to be a demon who, when Nerissa had reached the age of 16, offered to show her what ELSE her species was capable of.

She accepted this offer graciously, never having been a fan of the rather mortal lifestyle her parents had tried to mold her into. It was this demon that introduced Nerissa to the dark, violent nature of her species and encouraged her to let her natural inclinations free. She became something of a personal assassin for this teacher, who rewarded each person she killed off for him with a new lesson in how to condition her voice in a way that would make hearing it positively lethal. Upon her return home during a Christmas break when she was nearly 18, Nerissa's parents were heartbroken when they discovered their daughter had become exactly what they hadn't wanted their children to be. Yet, she still saw them as in the wrong for discouraging what felt right to her.

The University & Beyond

In 1925, after having left her family due to obvious differences, Nerissa had earned enough money to attend a university and pursue her degree in music. Before she could go, though, she had to escape the grasp of her demonic "maestro". Of course, Nerissa took the easiest, but most extreme, way out of this situation by faking her own death in drowning herself. Before the truth could be revealed, Rissa rushed off to London and made her way into her chosen university's music program. She excelled there and was often considered the best singer out of her class. She was not the only mythical in this university and became soon became best friends with a young pianist that also attended the school and was a class level below Nerissa. The girl revealed herself to be a psionic from Alabaster, named Ariane, and the pair were soon inseparable due to their status as non-humans. They remained as close even after their degrees were earned and their paths split into two very opposite directions -- while it was clear the pianist would not pursue a career with her degree, Nerissa went straight to the opera with it.

Sadly, Nerissa found the opera wasn't for her after giving it a five year try. Unsure of what to do from there, she spent many years traveling until she met up with another friend from the university, Kaden, who had been a cello player at the time, but had since taken up the guitar. Weaving in and out of a love affair, the two explored nearly every one of the mythical communities the world had to offer (except Alabaster) until they reached Isadora, where Wanderlust was formed.

Wanderlust and Present Day

Wanderlust became a huge, international sensation due to their unique sound upon the release of their second album. Nerissa, Kaden, Rebecca, David, and Holden soon became household names and, at any given moment, could be heard preforming one of their hits on a mortal radio station or two. It was not only their incredible sound that earned them their fame: being mythicals, the band members had very obvious unique appearances that mortals saw as something to imitate in their own ways. In order to keep up with this, Nerissa developed a style and look of her own that the more mild, cautious fans could imitate (not everyone was willing to go out and purchase a pair of fake angel wings to model Rebecca's or tint their skin blue-green, like David's). Wanderlust has since released five albums and partaken in three world tours in both mortal AND mythical communities.

The group decided to take a one-year hiatus between their last world tour and the production of their soon-to-come album, which left Nerissa with a variety of options to choose from in terms of how to spend her time. She has chosen to visit the only mythical community she's been wary of since she was a little kid: Alabaster, England.

Languages Spoken: Finish, English, Spanish.

Religion: Agnostic, more on the atheist side.

Theme Song:

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Damn, She better be good at singing Amaranth, with all her siblings being Nightwish members


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