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Post  Lila-Baby on Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:09 pm

---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: lila-baby
Real life name: LAUREN

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Risa Ann Price

Age: 15

Birthplace: Wales

Current Residence (Room, not town): Risa's Cabin

Species: Sominium

Nickname(s) [If any]: None

Sex: F

Birthday: 2/10/1997

Physical Appearance: Risa Price J7dpx3

Height & Body Type: Tall and Lean

Eyes: Pale Blue

Skin Tone: Fair

Scars: None, usual bumps and scratches

Hair Color & Style: White, worn straight down

Other (Wings, ears, etc): None, Flower design on shoulders

Personality & Such

Disabilities: Poor eyesight

Talents: Dancing, hunting, exploring

Self-Image: She worries about making friends, but she doesnt want to be alone.

Weakness (Must have at least one):

Special Abilities/Powers: None yet

Temperament/Overall Personality: Risa is overall pretty nice to be around, she can never be really irritated, but easily embarrased.

Fears: Snakes and spiders

Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)

Thoughts on love & Relationships: She hopes that she will find someone one day.

General Likes: Pie, nature, art

General Dislikes: Mud, carrots, rain

Equipped: N/A


Mother: Christine Price

Father: Brian Price

Family Finances: Moderate

Birth Order & Siblings: Older brother and younger sister. Risa doesn't talk about them too much.

Accent: Welsh

History: Risa is always curious about the world. She has always wanted to explore new places and see new things. The only problem is that her parents have kept her apart from the outside world. Risa always looked up to her older brother, but when he agreed with her parents to have her stay instead of explore, Risa decided to run away from the family and go to Alabaster. Becoming the newbie in Alabaster, Risa thought it would be hard to make new friends. But so far things have been looking her way, it's only her family she needs to worry about now.

Languages Spoken:

Religion: None


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