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Marcus Krauss.  Empty Marcus Krauss.

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---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: ISmokeTwoJointsInDaMorning
Real life name : Andre.
[ this is my primary character. ]

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Marcus Weylin Krauss.

Age: 24,

Birthplace: Native American Land, Seneca Tribe.

Current Residence (Room, not town): Alabaster

Species: Lycan.

Pack Details;
His Pack was made up of several mixed Pureblood Lycan Families, Who fought with Vampires for ages.
However only him, and one other young boy survived the massacre of the pack one fatal night. Him and that boy, split up, and never saw eachother again. Therefore Marcus, considers himself Alpha, passed down form his father.

Nickname(s) [If any]: M, or Weylin

Sex: M

Birthday: September 15th

Physical Appearance (Please include a picture)

Height & Body Type: 6'2 ft. Large, Wise Chest. Large Build over all. Quite a Brutish; Tough stance.

Eyes: No Pupils, But '' Smoke Grey '' eyes,

Skin Tone: Decently Tan.

Scars: Claw Scar along the left side of neck.

Hair Color & Style: Brown Shaggy Air. Scruffy look to him sometimes. normally having a Chin Strap or Side burns

Other (Wings, ears, etc):
- Enhanced Senses.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: A left collar bone, which never fully healed.

Talents: Hunting, Archery, Leadership.

He's so big; people sometimes are intimidated/
He is a nice guy but Always saw himself as a Ladies man; just without the actual skill.
Generous, But Careless aswell.has high standards for friends.

Weakness (Must have at least one): Silver Objects.

Special Abilities/Powers:
Psychic Abilities.

Temperament/Overall Personality:

Fears: Losing everything, Being Killed by a Vampire. Falling off a Cliff and dying. Being Betrayed..

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: He has the potential to be the ladies man, and is naturally Sweet hearted. He thinks most girls are crazy; but hopes to find a level headed lady one day. He misses, the touch of Females, because of its comfort.

General Likes: Chill people, Hunting, Humming, And working on his armor and sword.

Neutral Ground; Some Vampires; he could come to tolerate. but most he does not like.

General Dislikes: Being talked down too. Disrespect,

Equipped: Normally Found with Daggers on his Legs, And One Slightly larger Sword, That seperates into Two.


Mother: Samona Le'Beau

Father: Wolfgang Krauss

Family Finances: Not Rich, But holds common wealth.

Ethnic Heritage: Hungarian Pureblood Lycan.

Accent: Thick Deep Hungarian Accent.

History: [ Soon to come, ]

Religion: Lukoi -
Is Greek and comes from King Lyckaon of Arcadia who was a werewolf and didn't hide his nature.

Other Things:


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