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I'm unsure if I need to apply I'm just going to put my bio here.

---OOC Information---
Habbo Username: SirSexy
Real life name : Ross Anthony Keddie

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Silas Drago Val Richard Wrathe

Titles : Viscount of Albenga

Meaning of Name:
Silas - Means Man of the Forest from a Latin origin.
Drago - Means Dragon (Go figure) and comes from an Italian origin.
Val - Means Power and is french in origin.
Richard - Means Powerful or Rich ruler and is English
Wrathe - Typically a rage of biblical proportions it was seen as one of the 7 sins and was known for laying waste to vast areas of land (such as Sodom and Gomorrah)

Coven/Clan Belonged to: None to speak of.

Apparent Age: He appears to be about 25 maybe 26, except for his eyes which tell of far more seen and done than anyone would expect.

Real Age: Seven hundred and Thirty Two years old. (732)

Birthplace: Genoa in Northern Italy.

Current Residence : That would be telling.

Lives With: Nobody

Occupation: Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief. He's jack of all trades and master of a few.
Usually a bit of an entrepreneur, making money from trade and under the table dealings of all sorts.

Past Occupations: Spy, Duelist, Mercenary, Privateer, Trading Magnate and Soldier to name but a few of the more interesting ones. He has also tried a hand as a poet and a scholar, although this didn't really work for him.

Species: Dragoon.

Nickname(s) : Mark Anthony.

Sex: Male.

Birthday: 6 June 1280

Physical Appearance (Please include a picture)

General Description/Facial Features (Best to fill this out completely as possible if your picture is a drawing/anime):
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Height & Body Type: 6' 2"
A slim and flowing body type, he often looks uncomfortable standing still.

Eyes: A bright green.
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Skin Tone: Olive skinned.

Scars: A deep scar on the side of his neck, although it's usually covered by a high collar.

Type of Dresser: He likes to be sharp and stylish. Usually in a shirt or a suit, with well creased trousers to match. This is only in public however, in his private rooms he rarely wears clothes.

Hair Color & Style: Short at the sides and generally manageable but with a little bit of space for styling. Jet black in colour.

Tattoos/Piercings: He has a tattoo in latin on his right bicep , but I'm not going to give spoilers.

Other : Can take dragon like wings from within his back at will, and these are silver.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None to speak of, although he does have minor claustrophobia.

Mental State: utterly sane and lucid, most of the time. He suffers from flash backs to his long life and in those moments he can't control certain actions he takes. For example if he's remembering stabbing somebody in the chest....y'get the picture.

Talents: A silver tongued rogue to say the least. He has developed a knack for catching what people are thinking and feeling and as such knows just what to say.
He also has a startling talent for physical sport and fighting, renowned for doing utterly anything to win.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Flying. He loves nothing better than soaring through the skies on his own two wings. He just love general freedom of the outdoors, and this can personify itself as flying running swimming or anything else similar.

he loves to read. While he was never good at writing literature or poetry he loves to read it all. He thinks that it is astounding and godlike to be able to immortalize oneself on the page, He Thinks something similar of artists and is waiting for somebody talented to paint him.

Interests : He love sport and parties.This stems from the masked balls he attended as a young man. The mystique and grandeur of such events has always awed him. He also has a keen interest in money making, He like the challenge and ever changing environment in which he must adapt and change his approach if he is to succeed.

Self-Image : Very confident and laughs off any slights with a practiced ease.
He knows he's relatively good looking and although he often makes self deprecating jokes about his own appearance.

Weakness : In a duel he gives up one of his greatest assets, his dirty fighting style. He thinks that he is honour bound to observe fair play throughout the duel and this may be to somebodies advantage.
A few others will come out later, but yet again I don't do spoilers.

Special Abilities/Powers :
Fire Manipulation - Silas is able to conjure and control fire to an extraordinary degree, even for a dragoon. He commonly uses it in combat to protect himself from oncoming assaults and to attack his opponents.

Umbrakinesis - After a period of time studying with his friend Carrick Blackthorne, more on him later, Silas became rather skilled in the art of shadow manipulation. He was particularly good at "Blackthorne Fencing" in which a thin sword is conjured from a shadow and used to deal damage against an opponent. Although the sword is good for only one solid stab into an enemy it often kills or debilitates them utterly with this one blow.

Telepathy - Silas has a rare telepathic gift to him, which allows him to view the emotions and feelings that a person is projecting. While not able to pick up actual thoughts, without permission, he can get the mood of an individual without much hardship. This makes it very very hard to lie to him. This is one of the abilities he has made utterly sure has never been documented, so nobody knows that he possesses it, although some speculate.

Popular or Loner: He is somewhat bi-polar in this regard. He is in his element in a society ball , is usually prefers his own company. He would prefer a small group of people he actually likes to a night out on the town, although nights out on the town are needed to meet certain nice ladies *cough*.

Overall Personality: Slow to smile, these genuine smiles that light his eyes are rare, but quick to say the correct thing. Silas is rather enigmatic and likes it to stay that way. He is always always polite, even when every angry, and will strive to try to be decent and upright.

Best Personality Trait: Forgiving. He has seen "human" error and understands it. This means he will draw a line under most things and get on with his life. This excludes when it's a slight against those he really cares about or when it's a matter of personal honor for him.

Worst Personality Trait: Prone to dull pessimism at times, where in he makes (usually witty) comments which general dishearten his companions and himself.

Fears: Losing his wings or his eyes. He thinks the world would be dull from ground level all the time and he would commit suicide if he was permanently blind.

Sexuality: Very very straight. He is ok with other people being gay but would never partake himself.

Thoughts on love & Relationships: he is open to lasting love, although most of his experiences with the fairer sex have been limited to encounters lasting rarely longer than a year.
A few notable exceptions exist.

Relationship History: That would be telling.

General Likes: Upright and decent people who are true to their ideals. Flying. The sun. The moon. The rain. People who stand up for themselves. Whiskey and brandy. Loves sport of any and all kinds, particularly martial forms such as sword play and judo. He loves, and I mean loves, to talk about god and religion. Small intimate discussions. Intimate time with the opposite sex, if you get my drift. Italy. particularly northern Italian cities such as Genoa and Milan, although he has a soft spot for Rome.

General Dislikes: Idiots. Two faced people who try to lie to him. Dishonorable people. Clouds, he hates flying through clouds. he likes the rain that comes from them though, especially when he's on the ground. Those who are unwilling to stand up for what they believe in, especially those who bitch and moan but will do nothing to sort the situation.

Usually Equipped With : An estoc sword which he has had and cared for for centuries and a punch grip dagger. He uses them in a complementary fighting style.


Mother: Camille Furey
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Mother's role in upbringing: From the liberal noble family of Furey, Camille openly fostered Silas' love for freedom. The family home in Marseilles was always open to him as a young man, and remains so. While he was never entitle to anything from the family, being a bastard, he was always welcome among his cousins and half brothers and sisters, who treated him like he was family.

Father: Ibram Wrathe
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Father's role in upbringing: An authoritarian and detached figure in Silas' life, although he has always looked out for his bastard son. Yet again, Silas will inherit nothing from this arm of his family, due to the circumstances of his birth.Inducted Silas as a dragoon when his son hit 24 so that he could better serve the families interests. it should be noted that the Wrathes and Fureys are two of five Dragoon families still in existance. This is possibly only by them carefully controlling the lives of the last dragons, which the families each watch over. Always cared for his illegitimate children, and made sure they wanted for nothing. Silas was initially unwelcome by his family in Genoa, until he proved himself capable and was inducted as a dragoon. Then he was accepted and to a certain degree feared for his martial capabilities.

Family Finances: Both families are very very well off. Silas has been given a healthy living allowance by each wing of his family for centuries, although he prefers to earn his own money.

Birth Order & Siblings: He is the oldest of the 3 bastard children that were produced by the affair between Camille and Ibram.
He has a younger sister , Merity, who was married into the Wrathe family and then remarried after her first husbands death for political reasons to the families advantage.Silas remains in contact and on good terms with his sister.

His younger brother, Pious, is somewhat a recluse after his dealings with the vatican and Silas rarely sees his brother now. Still very good friends, and one of the few people who can actually talk to Pious without taking a crossbow bolt to the throat.

Relationships with Siblings: Is on good terms with both his siblings, and when I can be bothered i'll outline their histories too.

Education: Privately educated in Paris, Rome, Moscow and Edinburgh in a variety of disciplines, he has a keen tactical mind , both for commerce and for war.

Ethnic Heritage : Italian/ French.

Accent: A slight cultured italian accent, which becomes more profound as he becomes more comfortable with those around him.

History: (Please be as detailed as possible here)

Silas was born into renaissance Italy at a time when the Wrathe family was one of the foremost in the country. They controlled the cities of Torino and Genoa through a sometimes ruthless sometimes giving policy to keep the people in line. Silas was never going to take a huge part to do with the families interests, being an illegitimate , if favored, son of the families patriarch Ibram Wrathe. He was allowed to do more or less as he pleased for his first 20 years, although the family made sure he was educated carefully so as not to embarrass them.

At the age of 24 Silas was inducted into the family properly. He was taken to one of the many secret rooms in the Wrathe household and sat at a table. Faced by his Father and two uncles, who were all the elders of the family and had it explained to him about the unique gifts the family had carried since the time of Christ. He was then asked if he wished to be part of the noble lineage, to which he answered yes. He was then presented with a small dragon and told to kill the creature and eat it's heart, raw.

Silas barely blinked at the command. He merely severed the creatures head and gutted it on the spot. Although this impressed the family elders, it meant little. He was still just another one of the family.

Silas traveled western Europe and soon came to some renown as a mercenary and a merchant. He started his own trading company and began to make a great deal of capital for himself, feeling this money was his and he'd earned it. He passed through many of the European capitals and through a dozen or so jobs for the monarchs there in. He held a soldiers commision from the king of Spain. He was hired as a privateer by the English to raid the shipping of his former Spainish masters, he excelled at most every act that he set his hand to.

After the renaissance period he drops out of history abruptly, after a dispute with his sisters husband, Elijah. This dispute ended in a duel, which left his brother in law dead. As such he faded into the background of European politics, never absent but usually operating under various aliases. His trading company continued to operate, and he held a monopoly on various products out of Genoa for over two centuries.

Languages Spoken: Italian, French, English, Enochian and Russian.

Religion: Quasi-Catholic. Believes in the advances of science and their validity, to the point he was one of the foremost advocates in support of Darwinism. He sees this as no contradiction with believing in a God or the holiness of the catholic church.

Theme Song: Not found one I approve of yet, ideas would be appreciated.

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My well dressed friend....your link failed.

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