What About Hybrids?

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What About Hybrids? Empty What About Hybrids?

Post  Jessyka on Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:22 pm

[If you are interested in being a hybridal species, please read this post!]

Please Note The Following About Hybrids

~Angels & Fallen Angels can only be hybrids with demons and humans. [See the posts on Orinias & Nephilim]

~Demons can only be hybrids with angels, fallen angels, or humans [See the post on Flesh Bound Demons & Kin]

~Vampires cannot be hybrids. HOWEVER, you can have a non-humanoid or angelic or demonic character character that is infected with the vampiric virus. For example, you can have a neko character that must feed from blood instead of food. [An Example in the RP: Miya Loveliam's character]

~Dhampire are not allowed in this RP. Because vampiricy is originated from a virus/mutation, it over-rides any human genetics.

~Lycanthropes cannot be hybrids, nor can a non-humanoid, angelic, or demonic character be infected with the virus.

~Nevyans are never hybrids.

~Hell Hounds are never hybrids.

~Merpeople cannot be hybrids with: nekos, kitsunes, dwarves, lich, addonexxus, wendigos, fae, elves, goblins, dragoons/drakes, nixies, or shades/shadows.

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