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What They are:
3 kinds
Animal shifters - Those with a skill in shifting into numerous creatures
Object shifters – Those with a skill in shifting into inanimate objects
Human shifters – Those with a skill in shifting/ mimicking other human forms

Typical Appearances:
Shifters appear human unless they have shifted into a animal or object.
Each has their own base form- Always human.

Human ancestor. Their ability to change form was a mutation bestowed by the Gods, A curse as a punishment for crossing the them.

Ability to change form
Shifters are said to have a healing ability, though it only applies to themselves – they merely shift into another form and upon returning into their base form they are healed – this only goes for physical injuries.

When shifters are young they often have difficulty shifting or in some cases controlling the urge to shift, and then getting back into their base form. Some can be stuck for some time.
Skill comes with age.
It is very apparent if a shifter has a bodily piercing or a tattoo once shifted; ie: If an object shifter has an earring and they were to shift into a tea cup, the tea cup would also have a piercing.
This also goes for clothes, unfortunately shifters often have to disrobe before shifting.

Specific Weaknesses:
As they are still human that deal with the same medical issues as humans.
Though when it comes to ‘whether a shifter will contract an illness of an animal or human that it shifts to’, this is not true. Shifters mimic, meaning that they alter their own structure to appear like something else, they do not become it.

Shifters age exactly like humans, there life span is also the same.

As shifters are cursed they can only produce offspring with humans or other shifters.
The child will obviously also be a shifter.

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