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What They are:
‘Dream theives’

Typical Appearances:
Human-like though Sominium are born with dark pigmented rune-like markings on their shoulders - They are there to be a type of a identification, as no two Sominium share the same pattern.

Sominium are descent from nephilim and demonic ancestry.
However, they are not considered ancients because they did not come from first generation demons or first generation nephilim.

Sensuskinesis- Manipulation of the mind: Sominium are able to see into the dreams and nightmares of others.
Unless the Sominium is of an elder rank, he or she must know the person they are manipulating very well, or else they will face a mental block.
They can also project the dreams and memories of others/themselves to other people, but only experienced ones can do this.

Unable to manipulate unless they have a relationship connection with the person

Sominum age slower than humans, but unlike many other mythicals classified as "darks", they do physically age.
The average lifespan for a sominium is about 150-200 years old.
Once they reach the age of 125, their powers become weakened as their bodies begin to let the effects of aging catch up to them.

Solitary usually

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