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Elemental Abilities  Empty Elemental Abilities

Post  Jessyka on Tue May 29, 2012 3:13 pm

Elemental abilities are those based off of manipulating ones natural environment. There are a wide variety of them, though no ability is more rare than the other. Elementalists can be a stand-alone species (humanoids that are able to manipulate a SINGULAR chosen element), *but some other mythical species can posses such powers, such as:

-Kitsunes, Celestrium, Demons, Kin, Fallen Angels, Angels, Succubi & Incubi, Merfolk, Nephilim, Orinias, Pixies, Fae, and Dwarves.

*Some species can only posses SPECIFIC elemental abilities. For more on this, please look at the post for your chosen species.


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