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---OOC Information---
Habbo Username:BaByGiRl56256 HabboME Username: BaByGiRl56256
Real life name: Hanna

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Regina May Jackson

Titles: None

Meaning of Name: Her name Regina means "Queen", Her middle name May means "Month of May, Spring", Her last name Jackson means "Son of Jack".

Coven/Clan Belonged to: None

Apparent Age: 19

Real Age: 198

Birthplace: She does not know where she was born, but she knows it was somewhere in England.

Current Residence: N/A

Lives With: No one.

Occupation: Unemployed.

Past Occupations: Regina did not work, but rather did house chores for her mother and father.

Species: Second Generation Fallen Angel.

Nickname: Reg, Gina, Ree.

Sex: Female.

Birthday: October 2nd.

Physical Appearance
Regina May Jackson  Petrova,julian,girls,hair,pretty,redhead,girl-b47406e0ea81ed36eaca81ab5db373c4_h
General Description/Facial Features: If you were to look at Regina you would notice a edgy appearance. She looks rather mean and rude. She chooses to be like this though. She has lightish darkish orange hair and has light blue eyes.

Height & Body Type: Regina is 5'2". It looks like she has a athletic body, though her body being quite skinny.

Eyes: She has light blue eyes.

Skin Tone: She is slightly pale.

Scars: She has a couple scars on her body from her past.

Hair Color & Style: Her hair is a lightish darkish orange color.

Tattoos/Piercings: She has no piercings or tattoos.

Other: She once had wings but they were torn off by her parents.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: None

Mental State: Regina is 90% Sane and 10% Insane.

Talents: She has no talents except for drawing.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: She likes drawing and being herself when she is alone.

Interests: Reading, Running, Art.

Self-Image: She sees herself as a weakling.

Weakness: Her friends and adopted family.

Special Abilities/Powers: Telepathy with other angels.

Popular or Loner: She is mostly loner, she does not know anyone and intends not to meet anyone new hopefully.

Overall Personality: She is very skittish. She hates being picked on or bullied by others.

Best Personality Trait: Being nice to the ones who are sweet to her.

Worst Personality Trait: Being nice to the ones that treat her bad.

Fears: She is scared of being picked on by others.

Sexuality: Straight

Thoughts on love & Relationships: She is scared to be in a relationship because she thinks it will cause her to get killed or get the one she is dating killed.

Relationship History: She did not date anyone but liked one boy in her neighborhood but it was either he was mean to her or just ignored her and didn't even notice she was alive or there.

General Likes: Reading, Scotch, sweet things (sweets, chocolate, etc.), Guys.

General Dislikes: Beer, Rude people, Bugs, Arrogant people, and Strawberries.

Usually Equipped With [Weapons and other objects]: A small knife that sits in her pocket perfectly.


Mother: Alice May Jackson

Mother's role in upbringing: N/A

Father: Malick Rue Jackson

Father's role in upbringing: N/A

Family Finances:

Birth Order & Siblings:

Relationships with Siblings:


Ethnic Heritage: English and a little Latin.

Accent: She has a slight old English accent

History: As a child, Regina spent her day either sitting in her room, the door shut and locked or outside sitting in a tree alone. She couldn't go to school because her parents couldn't pay for her to go to school, so most of the kids that did go to school called her dumb or stupid. She was quiet and alone until Victoria showed up in her neighborhood. Her and Victoria spent the days talking, or drawing. One day a boy from her neighborhood came up to Regina and had called her dumb. This upsetting the young Victoria, she went straight at the boy and punched him in the face, causing him to break him nose and busting his lip open. Ever since then no one had bothered to be mean to Regina. A month later Victoria had left Regina with her poor parents, telling her she would return someday. Years passed and Victoria never came back, Regina took it and told herself she was dead. After turning 18, Regina killed her own parents and sent them to hell, this causing her to be a rude, yet known murderer. She ran off from her home, taking on her own role of living.

Languages Spoken: Speaks English

Religion: N/A

Theme Song:


Friends With: N/A

Enemies With: N/A

People Disliked: N/A

Favorite Spot: N/A

Can Usually Be Found At: N/A


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