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Post  Sage, on Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:18 pm

Hey guys its Sage, or Rudedog04. Since habbo.com is a big worthless piece of shit now and you can't put half of any word without it being blocked out by their gay ass fucking word filter because the owners suck a big fat one. I've moved on to three different sites.

www.habbome.com = rudedog04.

www.habplus.com = flufypuma

zap-hotel.net = silentpurple.

If any of you want to join any of those sites and add me go ahead, if you don't I don't and wont hate you. Hope to see you soon. Oh and by the way I'll not be getting back on regular habbo except for maybe once a month if that. Just to keep track of who gets on and off and so on. See you.

Thanks Always,


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