Hear ye, hear ye ... ? I cometh withith a proposalith.

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Hear ye, hear ye ... ? I cometh withith a proposalith. Empty Hear ye, hear ye ... ? I cometh withith a proposalith.

Post  AndreTheNinja on Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:44 pm

So.. The base model of the Role play has been established in the hotel. We have a nice little assortment or rooms, and I am once again happy to be back to Alabaster. Im aware the Roleplay is ran by our lovely Jess And Jake, so this may be directed alittle bit more towards them IN QUESTION.


We have a nice little Cozy population of people in the Rp, as of right now. Most of us being in the little circle of Friends, seeing as we're more '' Community Oriented. '' And I've heard about other people wanting to join, but need approval. And of course, i respect that idea 100%. We should have atleast half-decent roleplayers in this Roleplay, who can be creative yet realistic at the same time, and not just Clog up space. But with all due respect; and no offence intended. Back on .com , Roleplayers were freely allowed to join the Village; AS LONG as they werent Trolls or completely lost noobs. Then we slimmed it down, and put the '' Group Badge gates '' in main room To limit it; to the like.. 400+ people that gained entrance without trial.


Now, during the Darker times of roleplay, where its becoming harder and harder to find a half decent one; with a group of members dedicated enough to it. Why not open our doors; or expand our horizons JUST A BIT. Because i know Alabaster isnt Fully done, But its almost JUST AS BIG as the one we had on .com, minus a few residential / outdoor areas. Im not saying we need more members But id be nice to let more join us, for fresher scenes and Roleplay styles. For more developed scenes. This isnt a rant, or a sort of statment on how you should run your Roleplay, and im sorry if either of you take it like that. I would just like to throw it out there; because if you just come upon the decent people, who get the basic concept of it all, then we can all have fun.

Possible solutions;

OOC ;;
- Open the gates, Observe all new faces ( Because all the original members; will easyily know whos old, whos new. )
- Watch The newcomers; Til you make judgement wether they can stay out not. Watching their lines, and how they Act towards scenes.
- Simply boot them; if they dont meet your standards, after letting them atleast try and adapt.
- Make a list of newcomers that need definate (but not much more ) Improvement and assign a [IC/OOC] Apprentice / Master Program.
- If they are kicked out once; and wish to try again, they must wait a week, and show some sort of improvement for a Trial / Test by owner/mod or trusted member.
IC ;;

- Make the slower / (More unexperienced) ones, start off with children characters, Which will help them develop The right actions, Personality, And background. Being younger means They are less stronger and smarter then normal adults, which will give them room for improvement as they age.
- (If the above is an option) Then make an IC school, where the owners; or trusted members may teach the youngin's and fledglings.

ONCE AGAIN, DUELY NOTE; this is not an attack, or command, or .. anything like that.. It sonly a suggestion, i just took the time to brainstorm ideas on how to expand this roleplay. Because its a great one; so why not share it with the ones worthy of playing role in it. If some , either support my idea; or have different Solutions to it; DONT HATE, AND JUST REPLY WITH YOUR OWN.


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Hear ye, hear ye ... ? I cometh withith a proposalith. Empty Re: Hear ye, hear ye ... ? I cometh withith a proposalith.

Post  Jessyka on Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:58 pm

Hey there, Andre,
Thanks for the suggestion.
I reviewed this matter with Jake after you posted this and have come across a few realizations.
Right now, there's a lot happening with trying to get the role-play slowly pieced back together. This is especially difficult for Jake, who has a great deal going on in his life right now outside of the role-play. So, at the current moment, we're not thinking it would be the best of ideas to expand. The current members of the role-play haven't been as active as usual, which has taken a great deal of motivation out of Jake, as well. Whether this due simply because of the fact that they don't feel like scene-ing or that they are busy in real life, people simply haven't been scene-ing as much as they used to. (Which is, actually, quite sad)

I think, right now, Jake is more focused on building more rooms and restoring the rp in that sense. I'm sure once the role-play is back normal, we'll be able to open up to more members once again and be just like we were on .com, however, right now we (Jake especially) doesn't have the time to look after new members.

Some good ideas in here though. We will absolutely take them into consideration once we're ready to expand.

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