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---OOC Information---
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---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Lady Ariane Elizabeth Rossetta-Black

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Ariane13

Sex: Female

Titles: Lady, as it was her birthright, having been born from noble parentage.

Meaning of Name: Unlike the traditional meaning of her name, Ariane's is a combination of the names "Aria" and "Anne". When the meanings of these two names are combined (Aria, meaning air, and Anne, meaning grace, or favored), it can be revealed that, in a sense, Ariane was named after her father, whose name carried a similar meaning. The "Anne/Favored" part of her name reveals a possible favoritism on her mother's part.

Nickname(s): Ariane has been known to hold many nicknames through her life, the majority of them being related to her height. Most call her Ari, though she prefers being called by her full first name. She also has the nickname "Bird" among those she shared a close connection to during her childhood, which symbolizes her small physical size and quick, flitting movements. Very few people know of this nickname or call her by it today, her brother being among this group.

Birthday: September 25, 1894
Apparent Age: 20-23, though because of her size and appearance, people often mistake her for an older teenager.
Real Age: 118.

Birthplace: Black Manor, Alabaster.

Current Residence: Her childhood home of Black Manor.

Lives With: By herself

Occupation: Professional Musician, though she doesn't consider that a job, more as something she enjoys.

Past Occupations: Something of an unofficial assassin for the Rossetta Coven -- whenever the other assassins were busy with larger jobs, Ariane would often be sent to clean up their messes or "tie up loose ends". She also served as the head of the coven for almost 70 years and only recently resigned due to complications with her elders.

Coven/Clan Belonged to: None.

Species: Divise-Vampiric, Psionic Favored

Something of a mystery to most, Ariane is what is known as a "Divise Vampiric" or "Split Vampiric". A Divise Vampire is very rare, due to the fact that all are born as the species, and even being brought into the world as one requires a very specific set of genes from both parents -- the parents of a Divise must be of opposite types of vampires (sanguine and psionic being the most common, as is the case with Ariane) and have been "pure" in their own bloodlines for two or more generations. Because of this, Divise-Vampires are almost unheard of now-a-days, due to the fading away of most pure-blood traditions.

Divise-Vampirics are typically born favoring one side of their "split", either psionic or sanguine, and will display the traits of this type of vampire until the other side is discovered (usually through the means of trying to feed the other way). Most Splits come in sets of twins, where one twin favors the sanguine side of the family and the other the psionic. It is still unsure as to why this is, but many Divise Twins are often referred to as "Polars" of each other.

Divise Vampirics are able to feed from either blood OR energy, however, whichever vampire their body biologically favors will determine what the Divise takes as its primary feeding source. Divies alternate with what they feed from through different time periods. In Ariane's case, she phases in to a more sanguine dominated state every two or three months, and returns to her "normal" psionic state after these periods.

Ariane's Particular Divise

~Psionic Half -- Italian Rossetta Bloodline -- All Seven Princes of Hell, each representing the Seven Deadly Sins, wove their genetics together at one point in their history to create one demon of Sin. Through this demon's breeding with mortals, a new sort of psionic vampire was created, the "Rossetta Psionic". Ariane is descent from the psionic incarnation of Asmodeus/Lust. The bloodline is known for its distinct physical attractiveness and violet eyes that donot appear within any other species.

~Sanguine Half -- Black Bloodline -- A once very powerful family of sanguines, the Blacks originated within the Middle East and are known for being able to trace their genetics back to the very first vampires in creation. The family established the village of Alabaster itself in the 1300s, but have since fallen apart. Those in the family that remain are still very well known and very respected.

Physical Appearance

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Ariane11

General Description/Facial Features: Ariane's appearance is an ethereal one that, no matter where she is, seems to stand out, due to her contrasting features. In any setting, there is something about her that doesn't quiet seem to blend into the background. As she was expected to as a child, Ariane has matured into a beautiful young woman of small size. The good traits on both sides of her family can be seen in her appearance -- her full, peach colored lips that curve into a smile that favors the right side of her face, her long lashes, and the occasional shimmer of silver under her fair skin give her a face that is hard to forget...

Height & Body Type: 5' 1'', slim/petite. Because she was born not only as a twin, but prematurely, Ariane's growth has been stunted. She is very small in her size and is actually very self-conscious about it, which she plays off with height-related-humor. She has gained some slight curves to her figure, though they aren't anything astounding.

Eyes: Perhaps her most noticeable feature, Ariane's eyes are considered to be enthralling. They aren't quite deep-set, they are spaced apart in a way that draws attention to her lips and the slight curve of her nose. While their almond shape is pleasant, it is the color of Ariane's eyes that makes them so stand-out. Typical for the Rossetta bloodline, Ariane is host to a pair of bright, violet eyes that seem to look through people than at them. They fade to a a deep shade of green when she is thirsting, yet seem to be slightly clouded because of "medical" reasons...

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Tumblr17

Skin Tone: Fair, though she can tan slightly in the summer.

Scars: One, claw-like marking down one of her legs, from when she was scratched by a lycan at a very young age. It is very faded and can only really be seen in certain lights.

Type of Dresser: Ariane has always been rather fashionable and likes to keep up with the latest trends. She has no problem splurging a little extra money on a new outfit, so long as it means she'll look her best. A lot of her fashion-habits can be traced back to the influence of her Aunt Vesper, who enjoyed giving Ariane new outfits for any occasion.

Hair Color & Style: Very dark brown; to the point where it looks almost black if she is in a darker setting. It is also slightly wavy and down to the middle of her back.

Tattoos/Piercings: Her lobes are pierced.

Other: A recently discovered pair of fangs; they aren't typically vampiric, as they aren't as sharpened, but reveal themselves when she is thirsting or intentionally retracts them.

Internal Workings

Illness: Ariane has inherited a common within her family that alters her body's physical reaction to stress. It is a genetic disease that is passed down through her mother's side of the family, but seems to have effected Ariane worst out of the others in the Rossetta blood-line. When she first began to display symptoms of the illness, they were first thought to be a result of a flu. By time it was realized what the real problem was, it was too late and her fever had risen too high, thus damaging her vision.

Now Ariane does not possess the enhanced sight than many vampirics are gifted with and will never be able to see things for their full detail. She goes through phases where she is able to see more clearly, but can also fall into states of complete blindness.

During her "episodes", Ariane develops a fever as if her body were being attacked by a bacterium or virus, even when it really isn't. These fevers are very painful and almost always come with complete blindness, difficulty feeding, and joint ache, but can usually be treated with a combination of pills her doctor and uncle gives her. There are times where the disease simply needs to work its course though, and these are the times that have nearly claimed Ariane's life before. She is a very sickly girl and many have believed she will not live past 200 because of this...

Mental State: Sane, however, she has experienced from amnesia that has erased a lot of her memories from her 16th and 17th years.

Talents: Considered unusually talented when it comes to music. Ariane was taught to play the piano by her father when she was no older than three. She is able to sight-read, as well as compose. Her talents have taken her to many places through the world, where she has been invited to play for many well respected mythical families.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Composing, piano, guitar.

Interests: Current Events, Music Theory, Vampiric Biology & Psychology

Self-Image: Ariane's self-image is a bit of a mix; there are areas in which she is very confident in and then there are others where she is less confident. She is very back-and-forth with how she sees herself.

Weakness: Her family, her childhood memories, figures who knew her from the past, her anger.

Special Abilities/Powers: Typical vampiric telepathy, along with what abilities come with being Psionic.

Popular or Loner: A loner. Ariane finds that she doesn't like many people, as they try to pry too far into her life. While she may seem friendly to some people, once they try to delve too deep into what makes her tick, she will often back off or become withdrawn.

Overall Personality: JA serious, intellectual woman, Ariane knows exactly what she wants in life and how to go about getting it. Getting what she wants is something that Ariane is very good at doing, seen as how she was raised in a wealthy environment and was trained in the ways of persuasion. Unfortunately, this means that Ariane CAN behave like a spoiled child when things do not tend to fall in her favor. Due to her very logical ways of thinking, she also finds coming up with more creative solutions to problems to be difficult. However, her wit and charismatic attitude seem to make up for her flaws: Ariane is considered to be fairly likable to those she chooses to acquaint herself with.

Then there is the matter of her anger, which, when it chooses to reveal itself, be a very frightening experience for those who witness it...

Best Personality Trait: Her devotion to those she cares for; her passion for her home.

Worst Personality Trait: Words cannot quite describe this trait... Only seeing it first hand.

Fears: Her father, loosing Alabaster to any other coven.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Current Relationship Status: Complicated

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Ariane is typically very guarded when it comes to romantic relationships. She likes to take things slowly with those she associates herself with romantically and will always keep some details about her life to herself. Because of how her parents marriage ended, she isn't a big believer in marriage-- she believes it creates a tension between people and should not be used to define a relationship. This doesn't mean, however, that she'll never consider it. Her illness causes a hindrance in any thought of having a family. She finds herself terrified of the idea of passing it on to anyone. Once with someone she feels she can trust, she is generally more open with them but will close down completely as a means of protecting herself if any distress appears in the relationship...

Relationship History: Ariane became romantically involved with her childhood best-friend when she was in her early teens. The two faced a variety of difficulties due to a significant age gap and their differences in species, which ultimately lead to the end of their 4 year long involvement. The ending of their relationship was decided upon mutually, though secretly, it is one of the main reasons Ariane left Alabaster in the first place.

While she isn't exactly her mother's child when it comes to men, she has still be involved in her fair share of relationships. During her period of travel before her acceptance into the coven, she had several "boyfriends", all of whom she decided to break it off with.

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Ariane15

General Likes: Travel // Hunting & Feeding (A slight preference for blood) // Sword Play // Coffee // Anything Sweet // Whiskey & Vodka // Classical Music // Alabaster // History // High Fashion // Debate // Autumn Weather // Her 2010 red, mustang GT (In Venice) // Time Alone // The library // Animals // The colors blue & green // One-On-One Conversation // Philosophical & Deep Conversation // Classic Literature // Proving People Wrong // Organization //

General Dislikes: Nosey People // Her Illness // Her Height // Modern Weaponry (Guns) // Pop Music // Spicy Food // Extreme Amounts of Gore // Rodents // Insects Larger Than Her Hand // Those Who Constantly Change Their Minds // Heat // Bright Lights & Sound (Sensory Sensitivities) // The colors pink & orange // Itchy Clothing //

Usually Equipped With: A notebook or a book, sometimes her rapier, various daggers hidden on her person. A tin of her pills.


Mother: Lady Valentina Rossetta Black, Third of the Rossetta Septum. [Living]

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Valent18

Mother's role in upbringing: Ariane and Valentina share a very interesting relationship. They are quite alike in many ways, though Ariane will almost deny any similarities mentioned between she and her mother. When Valentina began to loose her sanity, a gap was created between the two. Ariane found she was afraid for her mother's own life, but could not stand to be around her in moments where her mind went fogged. Ariane has always been aware that Valentina has kept secrets of her, but really, Valentina holds more of these than Ari can even imagine... Most of them being about her daughter.

Father: Lord Abel Laurence Black [Deceased]

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Abel_210

Father's role in upbringing: Quite the opposite of the relationship with her mother, Ariane and Abel never saw eye-to-eye with anything other than music. It was rather strange, as when Ariane was very young, her personality happened to mirror Abel's in many ways. Abel was very strict when it came to Ariane's upbringing and was responsible for sending her away to Venice to an all-girl's boarding school when she did something he wasn't very keen on. Ariane grew to resent her father after seeing the way he treated her mother and others. Surprisingly enough, she still finds herself troubled with his death and has not quite found her closure in that matter...

Birth Order & Siblings: Oldest of Three.

~Twin Brother, Cassius~

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Gaspar11

~Sister Younger By 10 Years, Mira~

- Lady Ariane Rossetta-Black - Italia10

Relationships with Siblings: Very close with her younger sister, Mira. The two still often write to each other. Getting closer to her brother now that they are reunited again, though she finds herself wary of what she is willing to open up to him about.

Family Finances: The wealthiest in Alabaster and very highly ranked among the rest of the world.

Education: Very nice quality education within Alabaster. She has a master's degree in music theory and spent 20 years perfecting her skill as a pianist and composure.

Ethnic Heritage: Italian, English, and Arabic

Accent: English


~Birth & Younger Years~
Ariane's existance was one that was not exactly planned, yet there was never a time when she herself felt she was an accident or that she was nessecarily unwanted.

Born to the head of the sanguine Black Coven and the head of the psionic Rossetta Coven, Ariane was brought into a contained world of luxury. Though that didn't mean her childhood woudl be a pleasant one. In fact, she recieved a strict upbringing on the part of both parents that centered around turning she and her twin brother, Cassius, into model citizens that would serve as perfect examples of what it meant to be both a Rossetta and a Black. When she was not being taught academic lessons or playing in the manor courtyard, young Ariane could be found learning how to play the grand piano she had grown to love from the time she was just a toddler...


Hard-times fell upon the family shortly after Ariane and Cassius' tenth birthday. Among the lavish coven parties and social gatherings, not all was well within Black Manor, as many seemed to believe. While her parent's marriage was slowly deteriorating, Ariane began to feel isolated from the rest of the village, as there were so few people her age that she could truly relate to. She began to spend more and more time studying and improving her musical abilities than socializing, which lead to a major break in her and her father's relationship. After suffering from emotional neglect from her busy parents and brother, who had gone off to travel, Ariane developed a habit of being rebellious in order to get attention. At the age of 13, Ariane began getting into all sorts of trouble around the village, though the result was always the same: negative attention from her parents, but it was attention, nonetheless.

After suffering from a serious illness that left her almost blind, surviving near abuse, and even more neglect from her father, it seemed Ariane was jaded with Alabaster and the never-ending string of bad luck that found her. Relief came in the form of an unexpected friendship with someone who was not exactly new to Alabaster, but still unknown. He was a hell-hound with a significant age difference over her, which lead to her parents warding him further and further from their daughter. The two continued to see each other, even after Abel sent his daughter to Venice after an alcohol incident involving one of the village's many play-boys. Upon returning from Venice at the age of 16, the two's relationship turned into something more. Each risked themselves for their romance, which would last a little over four years. During these years, Ariane fell sick once again and this time nearly died, but this illness would not seem small in comparison to the death of her father, which oddly enough haunted Ariane (and still does), though it is surprising since the two's relationship went very sour...

~Leaving Alabaster and Maturation~

After turning 18, Ariane and the romance with the hell-hound came to an end as he was called away from the village. Devastated by that and the supposed suicide of her father, Ariane felt more out of place in Alabaster than ever. It was her mother that suggested Ariane leave Alabaster to go after her own dreams, now that she was free from her father's constant oppression and careful eyes. She attended a school for music in London for almost twenty years, obtaining a degree in music theory and composing, then went to travel the rest of the Eurasian mythical cities and villages. It was through this that Ariane became known and was offered the position as head of the Rossetta coven when her mother was deemed to mentally unstable to lead it herself. Ariane gracious accepted the role, but was not pleased with the burdens and secrets that came with it...

Very few people have an understanding of what went on during the day of Ariane's swearing in to the Rossetta Coven as its Head, but there are rumors that what happened was frighteningly different than what SHOULD have happened. It's said that three or four of the coven's elders died that day, but how their lives were ended is where the real mystery lies.

When she reached the age of 20, Ariane's psionic-maturation piqued, resulting in an almost complete physical transformation. Almost overnight, she went from just a pretty young woman to something many men would have given up their lives for (and supposedly HAVE). With her maturation came a sense of wisdom, which she used in keeping up with Alabaster, even when she was away, and merging the Rossetta with several other, smaller, yet prominent covens. Around half-a-century was spent like this, before Ariane's illness began to act up again, along with another type of "illness" that effected everyone who dared be around her when it made itself known. This supposed "illness" grew worse and worse until, finally, the elders suggested Ariane take some time away from her work, to focus on herself...

~Returning Home~

Even when the coven elders gave her the option of going anywhere else in the world, Ariane felt it was time to return to Alabaster and to keep it running on a first-hand basis. Though, it seems there are more reasons than those two as to why Ariane has come home... Reasons that even she is not sure of yet...

All current happenings in Ariane's life can be read about in her journal.

Languages Spoken: English, Latin, Italian, French, and Russian.

Religion: Brought up to believe in what she feels like. Ariane isn't exactly sure where she stands on matters of religion -- her mother was a fairly strong believer in the Roman Catholic Church, while her father shared Christian beliefs. She tends to see the more logical side of the debate over religion, finding that science makes more sense to her than what the Bible says or tries to say. She has little patience with most religious morals and traditions, but believes that there must be some sort of deity out there. She usually labels herself as an agnostic.

Theme Song:

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Please, come back online so you can help me finish mine!

PS. Ari = VERY grown up. ;D

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Jessyka wrote:New pictures. Occupation and past occupation.

I can honestly say that Emmy Rossum is perfect for Ariane. She almost exactly how I see her in my minds eye.
So pleased with the change and her eyes are stunning. Great call!

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Name meaning and nicknames, species (THIS IS A BIG ONE!), re-written overall appearance, mental state, religion, theme song.

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It's been too long since I actually read biographies , it all rushes back.

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